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Through mastery of our chosen frameworks, Perceptum Digital Solutions develops, integrates and mashes-up concepts and technologies to create the digital presence for your product, brand, or organisation.

At Perceptum Digital Solutions we're all about getting things done for you, plain and simple. In the ever-changing world of web development, we've got the know-how to help you stay one step ahead. Our team will concoct the creative concepts and follow through on the technical voodoo to give your business an online presence to brag about. It's what we love; it's what we do best.

Our clients include top tier South African advertising and digital agencies through which we build digital presences, digital activation mechanics and consumer engagement apps for local and global brands. We also assist start-ups, entrepreneurial endeavours, and on-line retailers.

About us

Every great idea starts somewhere

Perceptum Digital Solutions is the result of the merging of a software development team and a creative web development team. As such our skills in digital development range from strategy, design to development and implementation.

Perceptum Digital Solutions uses an agile development methodology incorporating regular releases of small to medium chunks of functionality based on the constraints and timelines of the project at hand. We want our customers to see things as they are being built, and we like to act quickly and incorporate their feedback early. At the start of the project we hold an initial planning workshop where we will identify and scope out the detailed requirements of the build. We incorporate User Stories where applicable. .

Meet the team


Megan Hardy

Puzzle Mistress


Bryan Gruneberg

Ninja Strategist


Stew West

Web Weaver


Roger Saner

Interaction Magician


Our Flow

  • Strategy

    Step 1 - Strategy

    The first step in our process is to work with our customer to understand their business, and the impact their digital solution will have, or the business problem it will solve.


    Step 2 - Design

    Once we have a clear strategy, we work with our customer to design the solutions architecture, the end-user's experience, and the creative look-and-feel of the proposed solution.
  • Development

    Step 3 - Development

    Now that we have a strategy and design in place, we move to solutions development. While 'hands on keyboards' is not the first, last, nor most important step in our process, it is key. We strive to keep on the cutting edge of technology, continually exploring new way of building and testing our solutions
  • Production

    Step 4 - Production

    The final step in our process is to take the solution to the production environment. Whether hosting your solution with Perceptum, in the cloud, or with another hosting provider, we work with our customer to launch the solution, and help support the solution as it thrives in production.


Strategic Technical Consulting

We find ourselves in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. Developments in technology have compressed space and time, underpinning global economic and political inter-connectedness and interdependence.

Simultaneously, the increasing pressures of living in an interconnected "never-off' world drives innovation and creates a feedback loop further accelerating technological developments.

Perceptum Digital Solutions offers a strategic consultation service that runs alongside our software development services offering.

Perceptum will work with you to unpack your business or organisational domain to assist in understanding where software solutions can be employed to create the biggest positive business impact.

  • Agile strategy team
  • Broad domain knowledge
  • Solution orientated strategic insight
  • Strategy driven development

Mobile Application Development in PhoneGap

We build cross-platform Mobile Applications that deploy to Android, iOS and Windows 8 devices using the PhoneGap framework.

PhoneGap is an open source solution for building cross-platform mobile apps with standards-based Web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, CSS. There are thousands of apps already in app stores and directories which have been built on the PhoneGap platform.

  • Cross-Platform reduces maintenance
  • Utilizes well known web development standards
  • iOS Deploment
  • Android Deployment
  • Windows Mobile Deployment
  • Access device functionality directly

CMS Development in Drupal

We build web-sites on a powerful open-source CMS platform called Drupal, a free community-built website development tool.

It allows one to easily create, update and manage a website without requiring a computer science degree! Drupal uses a point-and-click interface that enables the addition of pages, menus, images and file uploads and it enforces security, so that permission settings can be applied to different user roles. As your website grows, it's fairly easy to add custom features from the thousands of free modules you can download. Custom modules and features can also be developed and plugged in to Drupal.

Drupal is highly regarded as one of the best website frameworks available and is rapidly gaining adoption all over the globe. Every-day users can update web content easily through the customisable CMS. It is a dynamic and scaleable platform that can grow with your needs, allowing an organic evolution of your website alongside your business growth.

  • Every-day users can update web content
  • Dynamic platform can grows with your needs
  • Scaleable platform
  • Customizable through modules
  • Open Source means no vendor lock-in
  • Constantly being monitored for security issues

Facebook Application Development

Facebook Apps are designed to enhance the user's experience on Facebook with engaging games and useful features. Facebook users can use apps to listen to music with friends, share what they're reading, play games and more. Users can explore and add apps from the App Center where they can find games and social apps that fit their interests. These apps can be created by outside developers such as Perceptum Digital Solutions.

  • Engage customers and users directly
  • Extend your brand's social reach
  • Add functionality to your FaceBook page
  • Go beyond Likes

eCommerce Development in Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce is an open source eCommerce framework built from the ground up on Drupal 7. It empowers one to build any type of eCommerce website, making as few hard-coded assumptions as possible about your business needs. The design of Drupal Commerce frees merchants to focus on innovating and growing their businesses rather than on reinventing the wheel. Developers can use Drupal Commerce to implement highly tailored eCommerce systems without having to work around limitations in their core framework. In addition to traditional eCommerce requirements, like a shopping cart, checkout form, and product catalog management, Drupal Commerce has been developed to accommodate the features and design principles listed below.

  • Adaptable
  • Built for growth
  • Built on Drupal 7
  • Community driven
  • Connects to social networks easily
  • Continual innovation
  • Global Mobile ready


Van Deijl Jewellers

We assisted Van Deijl Jewellers in upgrading their old flash site to a slick new responsive Drupal site. The site showcases several seasons of their unique and unusual pieces.

View website:

LLD Creative Studio

LLD Creative Studio requested us to build their newly rebranded website. The super styling design was done by LLD inhouse and our tech savants created the snazzy responsive website that made it come to life.

View website:


A slick and snazzy redesign for ScrumSense, built in Wordpress.

View website:

Angela Day

The Angela Day Drupal website is frequently updated with courses and recipes from the Star's Verve Newspaper Recipe column & Independent Newspaper's Lifestyle section.

View website:

Petra Vonk Design

Perceptum created and maintains the website for Petra Vonk Design.

View website:


Pearson Education SA briefed us to update their online presence with a website that was both user-friendly and engaging.

We are proud to say we created a fantastic new look and feel targeted at their student market along with new and useful features for students to utilise.

View website:

Castle Milk Stout

Created in collaboration with Brandscape digital agency for SAB Castle Milk Stout, this super slick app allows partygoers to create their very own smooth groove music track on tablets provided at various venues. Wannabee music producers get to select various options for drums, bass, vox and more and once they've found the sweet spot, they're able to download their very own, unique music track via a mobisite. Very Smooth.

Western Cape Government Cape Access

Perceptum was tendered by the Western Cape Government to develop a new Drupal responsive website for Cape Access, a programme that provides access to information and communication technologies (ICT) to less privileged and rural communities across the Western Cape.

Working alongside Dr Marco Pretorius and the UX team at EG4C and LLD Creative Studio we delivered this great, useful & informational web presence for Cape Access.

View website:


Developed in collaboration with digital media agency BrandinMotion for Tops at Spar, Dryver is an app aimed at encouraging responsible drinking and driving. It allows a user to select whether they are drinking or driving on a night out and a nifty SOS feature that alerts select friends and family that they're in need of a little help getting home. Easy access to taxis by region is also available through the app.

View website:

Design Tact

This great design agency commissioned us to create a new responsive Drupal website for their redesigned look and feel.

View website:

The Fresh Group

We built a new Drupal website for The Fresh Group in collaboration with LLD Creative Studio who supplied the design. We maintain and update the site on an ongoing basis.

View website:


Odwa and Anele

This week we had two learners from Silikamva High School in Hout Bay, Anele (16) and Odwa (17), job shadowing our web development team.

We had some fun helping them create their first web page with a slideshow of pictures taken during the day and a map of their journey.

We started with concepts and wireframing...

There is no support for migrating commerce_orders or line_items using the Migrate API. 

For PHP developers wanting to do this, the commerce_migrate_ubercart module provides a really good starting point. Our current migration project is very custom and from a legacy platform, so our strategy is to use...

This was an *actual* support letter written by someone we *actually* know to said  [Large South African web hosting company]. We wish we could've seen their faces when they read it!

Subject: [Your admin interface] embraces the Zombie design pattern

Hi [Large South African web hosting company who custom wrote their own managed server admin interface]...

Vagrant is a tool for building complete development environments. With an easy-to-use workflow and focus on automation, Vagrant lowers development environment setup time, increases development/production parity, and makes the "works on my machine" excuse a relic of the past.

One of our challenges in adopting this approach has been that a number of us use Windows 8 as our host platform,...

Van Deijl Jewellers

Van Deijl Jewellers approached us to create a new CMS responsive website to replace their existing flash site, as they particularly wanted to cater to their growing market of tablet and mobile users. 

Keeping to their sophisticated look and feel which emulates their top quality jewellery pieces, we ensured pixel-perfect precision in all areas.

Each year a new season of jewellery...

Finding the right analytics tool for your business takes time and research. Most companies in South Africa are happy to keep with the norm, which in most cases is standard Google Analytics.

There are many analytics tools out there. Each has their advantages and disadvantages, which often come to light depending on the type of data a user wants to get from them.

When trying to...

Does your site need analytics?

So you’ve just launched a new website. It’s your pride and joy. Maybe it cost you hundreds of thousands of Rands or maybe it was a simple Drupal site you set up for a friend or family member. Either way, it likely took a fair amount of time to put together, stole many hours from your work or social life, and now stands as your signature on...

In the month of May we thought we’d treat ourselves, so off we set to Net Prophet to take in the good, the bad, the ugly, and the extraordinary of what is up in the world of tech entrepreneurship. Here’s our pick of 2013 Net Prophets to watch and to watch out for. Not in order of importance, mind.

1) Women are not unicorns, guys. Seriously. The best the organizers could do were two...

Google has created a true competitor for Apple's Siri application, both being fairly even when it comes to speed and search accuracy.

The Google Now application is designed to be intuitive and to provide you with fast accurate info, be it on your current location (weather, places to eat, traffic conditions) or the latest news on, say, your favourite sports team. Use the voice search to...

Although we at Perceptum have never felt the need to keep up with the Joneses, we doo keep an eye on whose who in the Drupal community zoo. Our motto? Respect where respect is due.

This month we're keen on Amazeelabs. Why? Their website, corporate culture, and general contribution to the Drupal community are, well, amazeeing. Let's start with their website. The design is off-beat...

In his recent article, Hack Your Maps, Young Hahn makes a compelling punt for designers to start integrating web maps into their design practice. Why, you ask? Well, as Hahn points out, web maps are now a commonplace and essential component of many apps, particularly mobile apps “powered by location aware devices”. And the best part? Web maps are ideally suited for responsive design as they...

Made by the folks at SUPERBIEN – a team of French creatives who specialize in animated content – the launch for the Sony Xperia is so cool they had to do it on a high resolution rear-projection water screen in the Bassin de la Villette, Paris. BTW, "super bien" is frog for "super cool". Check out the superbien-ness of the launch here...

Recently, Inky Serritslev - our resident translator of dots and lines - worked on a project for governement that involved creating a map with manageable content points. Here’s how she did it...

After a quick think - she’s nimble that way - Inky went with the Leaflet module over the OpenLayer Maps module

Daddy’s Deals and KAUAI recently teamed up with a tasty offer designed to get South Africans smiling – and the Perceptum team was happy to tackle the creative work for this fun-loving campaign.

Customers were given the opportunity to treat up to 20 of their friends and loved ones to a fresh and fruity KAUAI Smoothie at a special price of R2, gifted to them via email vouchers. In turn,...

After launching the brand new X-Kit Achieve website for Pearson SA, we’re proud to announce that the Mobi version of the site is also live. Now students can learn on the go, with easy access to X-Kit study guides and learning tips from their phones and tablets.

The Perceptum team was briefed to create a mobi-specific theme that allowed the new-look X-Kit site to work in the smaller...

Perceptum has just launched the brand new X-Kit Achieve website for leading local learning company Pearson Education South Africa – a project to be proud of! Much like its target audience (Grade 8 to 12 learners), this is a website that works hard and looks good doing it.

Here’s a bit of background info on X-Kit Achieve, and details on the exciting new developments our team has put in...

When a group of leading software solution consultants wanted a new online presence to reflect their brand’s innovative image, they turned to Perceptum, and our team got down to business doing what we do best. We redesigned and redeveloped Haefele Software’s existing website to match the client’s vision – sleek, professional and user-friendly.

Using Drupal 7, we also added new...

We've recently been developing a panel page for Mosaiek's Emthonjeni mirco site (Drupal 6), where we wanted panels to output a taxonomy page, but with some tweaks.

We had enabled Panel's default taxonomy page option, but things weren't displaying properly. We enabled the View's taxonomy view, but this in turn disabled the Panel version. (Views is a bully like that). We fixed this by...

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